Over the years, Acupuncture therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine has been a ray of hope for millions around the globe. Dr.
has been practicing acupuncture for the last 30 years, and has successfully treated thousands of patients in both China and the United States.

His gentle attitude and soothing presence has been a source of inspiration for many. Take a look at these success stories and personal accounts of some of his patients who embraced the joy of health after treatment with him:

Migraine had been in my life for so long that I had finally accepted it as a part of my personality. I was sick of all the pain and humiliation and lashed out at anyone who suggested me some treatment or the other. It was my girlfriend who took me to Family Acupuncture Clinic, and just a few sessions later, my migraine was under control! It was an unbelievable and life changing experience for me and I can’t thank Dr.
enough! Thanks again doc!

– Liam -Jacksonville, Florida.

I’ve had migraine-ever since I can remember. It ruined my life. Whenever I get a migraine, I have to lay down in a dark room and close the door. I have tried all kinds of pain relievers. However, they become ineffective within a month or two of use. The constant migraine has caused me immense grief over the years. I couldn’t enjoy everyday life because of it. One of my friends referred me to Dr.
at Family Acupuncture Clinic. However, after 4 treatments, my migraine became less frequent and less intense. Now, my migraine is under control and do not stop me from enjoying my life anymore. I so thankful of Dr.
. I wish I could have gone to him earlier so I wouldn’t have suffered migraine all these years. He is a life saver!

John K.

I was diagnosed with Cron’s disease, which caused constant, violent, watery, and uncontrollable diarrhea for 40 years. Everyday I would experience diarrhea 7 to 8 times a day. Because of my illness, almost everything I ate resulted in diarrhea immediately. I could only eat a few things that would not cause diarrhea instantly. As a result, I was always underweight. Whenever I go out, I had to find the bathrooms first. It was intolerable and made my life like hell. I have seen all kinds of doctors, gone under too many tests to count and tried so many prescribed drugs. And none of it worked. I had given up hope before I met Dr.
. I came in on Monday morning and talked to him about my condition and the process of treatment. After so many years of useless treatment from other doctors, I was very skeptic that he could help. However, after 3 acupuncture treatments, there was a vast improvement to my condition. After a week of treatment, my diarrhea has completely stopped. It is amazing and unbelievable! Now I don’t have to worry about what I eat and I can live a normal life.


I took up smoking as a thrill and did not notice how it became my habit until it was too late. Over the years, I checked into several rehabs, tried over the counter pills and also went for home remedies. However, it was through acupuncture therapy that I finally gave up on the nuisance and since then I’m enjoying a smoke free life!

– Steve, FL

I had been smoking for 58 years of my life. I started smoking when I was 16. I smoked one to two packs daily. My family doctor and friends have told me to quit for years. I have tried quit smoking for more times than I can count. I have tried patches, prescription drugs, but none of it worked. One day I was stuck at a red light on sunbeam road. I looked across the street and saw the acupuncturte sign on Dr.
’s clinic and saw that he could help. I took down his phone number and called him. After two weeks of acupuncture treatment and herbal tea, I had a very easy time not smoking. It is wonderful to not smell like cigarettes all the time.

– Jake

I was never weak willed, but I won’t lie, the death of my wife in a tragic car accident literally shook me up from within. I went into a severe bout of depression, and lost all interest in life. I tried to go on with my daily activities, but soon I realized that I had lost all my energy and hope after losing Eileen. My mother took me to Dr.
’s clinic one day, and since the there has been no looking back. The treatment made me relaxed; it felt like a healing ritual that calmed me from within… I was able to vent out all my frustration and stress, and soon made my way back to normal life with a new found energy! Today, Eileen is still a part of my life, but the power of acupuncture has ignited a positive fire in me. Goodbye depression, hello life!

– Ed Davis

Sleepless nights were a norm for me because of severe pain in my back after a sports injury. A few sessions of acupuncture and massage by Dr.
and I don’t even remember that pain! A must visit place for Acupuncture in Jax FL!

– Sam Banks

I have had lower back pain chronically for 3 month. Last weekend, I was working in the yard when heard a popping sound coming from my hip. Immediately I felt a excruciating pain and fell over. I couldn’t move at all. After a while, I recovered enough to stand up again with the help of my husband. I could not sleep that night because how painful it was. I found that I couldn’t twist and turn, bend, had a very difficult time trying to sit. In the morning, I can’t move to go to the bathroom. I went to see Dr.
since he previously treated me for nausea and headache. After three treatments, more than 80% of the pain was gone and although there was stiffness, I could walk by myself again.


Cute cuddly babies have always been my weakness and my husband and I have been trying since forever to welcome a little angel in our household. At first I thought it would take a little time, and we will soon get our dream fulfilled after a few months of trying. We did everything we could – from expensive treatments to long medication but to no avail. Before we knew, the months transformed into years and we gradually accepted the fact that maybe adoption is the only option left. I had given up all hope until a friend of mine introduced me to Dr.
. From the very first treatment I could literally feel positive energy flowing through me, and all the depression and anxiety started to flow away as I continued his treatment and herb therapy. Just a few months later, I got pregnant and was overjoyed with the happiness and glow of it all! I would definitely recommend it to all those women who are searching for eternal bliss in the form of motherhood. Thank you so much Dr.

– Melanie King – Jacksonville, Florida.

My son was lured into drugs by his college mates, and before we knew it had sucked up his career, education and life. I thought I would never get my son back again, until I checked in with Dr.
. He prescribed a natural combination of acupuncture and herb therapy, and now my son is back to school and back to life! God bless you Doctor! Anyone who is looking for Acupuncture in Jax Fl, please go see Dr.
– his practice is unmatched.

– Mrs. Samuel

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